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Our Bathroom Collections & Services

We provide a specially curated selection of simple, innovative and mindblowing bathroom designs for true inspiration. Our collections include full suites and individual fixtures such as baths, showers, toilets, taps, furniture and tiles.


The opportunity to customise and tailor your bathroom to suit your dreams, requirements and budget is both exciting and daunting. We offer plenty of inspiration on this website, but there is no substitute for sitting down to design a room which refines all your requirements and ticks all your boxes.

We offer a free consultation and design service.


Baths are a key focal point of any bathroom. Styles vary, sizes vary, materials vary and costs vary. From free-standing baths to inset baths, sleek contemporary tubs to traditional elegant pieces. We have baths to suit every taste and every budget in a vast range of materials including solid and cast metals, stone resins, marble and glass.


The perfect shower can transform both the room and your lifestyle; making one of the more mundane tasks of your day more meaningful and memorable. We have showers, showerheads, enclosures and all other fixtures in a vast array of styles and sizes to suit every taste and requirement.


Choosing the right sink is key to creating the right personality of a room. As well as a washbasin's dimensions to suit the scale of the room, the colour, material, style and purpose of the chosen model is vital - be it a classic vanity basin, a countertop basin, a wall mounted sink or a freestanding washbasin. We have a wide range of basins to suit all tastes and budgets.


As diminutive as they tend to be in stature relative to their surroundings, the taps, sanitaryware and brassware in a bathroom can make or break its overall impact. We have a vast collection of fittings for baths, basins, showers and other fixtures in innovative and traditional styles and finishes.


Toilets are among the more essential facilities in a bathroom, but its function need not be the limit of its impact. Modern design and manufacturing knowledge ensures optimum comfort as well as aesthetic impact, and we have a broad range of modern and classically traditional WCs to suit all requirements.


The right choice of furniture in a bathroom strives to achieve more than mere storage space and convenience, it can create a sense of cohesion and completion to the room. We offer a fine array of furniture in a range of styles from Europe’s best designers and manufacturers.


As functional as they are designed to be, radiators and heated towel rails can be an extremely stylish way to accentuate a bathroom's appearance. We offer quality, designer radiators in a broad range of styles, materials and colours. 


Bathrooms are rooms typically 'hard' in nature; solid, sharp angles and clear lines - with shiny, reflective surfaces, or 'softer', with curved finishes and matt surfaces. Either way, ensuring the lighting is suitable to highlight the right areas in the right ways is very important. We offers a stylish range of bathroom lighting to suit all rooms and tastes.


One of the most exciting and important parts of designing a bathroom is choosing the perfect combinations of wall and floor tiles. With so many beautiful materials, styles and colours to choose from, curating the right blend is challenging, but alluring. We offer a fantastic range of tiles from the best manufacturers in Europe.


Our experience and expertise ensures we only supply the most innovative, beautiful and durable products from the highest quality manufacturers around the world. Our bathroom collections provide the opportunity to achieve the perfect blend of tradition, innovation and design which will transform your bathroom into a unique and original room.

We welcome the opportunity to meet you for a free consultation to discuss your vision, requirements and budget.


We offer free bathroom and tiling consultations at your property.